• Hollies Taylor Black
    950 DKK 1.899 DKK -50%

    Taylor Black

  • Hollies Ripon Beige ALSO_IN_OTHER_COLORS
    599 DKK 999 DKK -40%

    Ripon Beige

  • Hollies Ripon Black ALSO_IN_OTHER_COLORS
    599 DKK 999 DKK -40%

    Ripon Black

  • Hollies Ripon Navy ALSO_IN_OTHER_COLORS
    500 DKK 999 DKK -50%

    Ripon Navy

  • Hollies Taylor Suede Grey
    950 DKK 1.899 DKK -50%

    Taylor Suede Grey

  • Hollies Les Arcs Black/Natural
    1.814 DKK 3.628 DKK -50%

    Les Arcs Black/Natural

  • Hollies Joan Rabbit/Raccoon Natural Beige/Natural
    726 DKK 1.451 DKK -50%

    Joan Rabbit/Raccoon Natural Beige/Natural

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Hollies is one of the leading brand names in Europe in leather, down and fur fashion garments and products. The trademark represents high quality, new styles and classic fashion, designed by Swedish designers. Hollies has been on the market since the early 60´s and has gained a respected professional knowledge in all aspects regarding start-to-end production.