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Jim Rickey

Although the Jim Rickey crew is now known as the architects of one of the most vibrant brands in sportswear fashion, their beginnings were much more humble.

Its members originally began to work together as sales persons for some different brands in the sneaker industry. After a while their friendship expanded into their own SNEAKER project (more known as Jim Rickey Handmade Sneakers).

Today their brand has established itself as a pioneer in sportswear fashion and creative collaboration with downtown artists and musicians under the direction of the two original founders Henrik Standerth and Patrik Lakso.

In the years that have followed Jim Rickey has transformed into a serious runner-up to all the BIG brands out there, with operations in Paris, Stockholm, Milano, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, and has become home to some of the most talented peoples from around the globe.