Solbriller fra Persol

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  • Persol 0PO3092SM Tabacco Virginia ALSO_IN_OTHER_COLORS
    909 DKK 1.299 DKK -30%

    0PO3092SM Tabacco Virginia

  • Persol  0PO3184S Havana/Green 49 mm
    1.019 DKK 1.699 DKK -40%

    0PO3184S Havana/Green 49 mm

  • Persol 0PO3184S Spotted Grey Black/Clear Gradient Grey 49 mm
    850 DKK 1.699 DKK -50%

    0PO3184S Spotted Grey Black/Clear Gradient Grey 49 mm

  • Persol 649 Spotted Blue Dark Grey/Grey Mirror Blue 55 mm
    650 DKK 1.299 DKK -50%

    649 Spotted Blue Dark Grey/Grey Mirror Blue 55 mm

  • Persol 0PO3092SM Havana/Green ALSO_IN_OTHER_COLORS
    779 DKK 1.299 DKK -40%

    0PO3092SM Havana/Green

  • Persol PO3108S Sunglasses Havana/Brown
    1.416 DKK 1.770 DKK -20%

    PO3108S Sunglasses Havana/Brown

  • Persol PO8649S Sunglasses Black/Gradient Grey
    1.545 DKK 1.931 DKK -20%

    PO8649S Sunglasses Black/Gradient Grey

  • Persol PO3092SM Black/Green 50 mm
    779 DKK 1.299 DKK -40%

    PO3092SM Black/Green 50 mm

  • Persol Crystal black sunglases
    779 DKK 1.299 DKK -40%

    Crystal black sunglases

Side :


In 1917 an Italian optician and photographer Giuseppe Ratti began making protective goggles for aviators and racing drivers. Turin was the city that produced and named the "Protector", soon adopted by the Italian armed forces and military aviation pilots around the world.
In 1930 the brand "Persol", Italian meaning "for the sun", was born with the launch of a range of eyewear specifically for protection against sunlight.
In the 50's-60's: For decades, there has been undeniable love affair between the film world and Persol. Directors have used them to define characters, stylists have chosen them for their couture appeal and stars of every magnitude - From Marcello Mastroianni to the latest James Bond - have chosen to wear them both on and off the set. The 70's and '80's have been rears of research on lenses and materials.